Birds Of Prey Zsasz Gay

Feb 7, 2020.

Ewan McGregor and Chris Messina have teased the relationship between their Birds of Prey villains. Are they queer coded? We asked Warner.

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Jan 24, 2020.

Black Mask and Victor Zsasz have a "complicated" relationship in "Birds of Prey," the actors tell Variety.

With Harley Quinn, you never know what to expect. But thankfully, her new film Birds of Prey goes a campy and gay route! Join me as I dive into the queer.

In Birds of Prey, Ewan McGregor played Black Mask and Chris Messina played Victor Zsasz. The two villains had a codependent relationship that paralleled Harley Quinn's former relationship with the Joker. On social media, some fans of the movie have shared how they thought the two characters were gay.

At Thursday night's opening of the "Birds of Prey" Harlywood exhibit in Hollywood, Variety asked co-stars Ewan McGregor and Chris Messina if the internet chatter surrounding the sexuality of their characters — villains Roman Sionis (aka Black Mask) and Victor Zsasz — is true. Are they gay?

Birds of Prey is a big rarity in the comic book movie world: A film where more than one character is clearly established to be queer. Zsasz enables and magnifies Sionis' sadistic anxiety, and Sionis unleashes Zsasz on the unsuspecting. On the red carpet of one premiere event, a Variety reporter.

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New this week in Myrtle Beach-area theaters – Birds Of Prey | It’s open season on Harley Quinn when.

his right-hand man, Victor Zsasz, and every other thug in the city. But things soon even out for Harley when she becomes unexpected.

Jan 24, 2020.

Thursday night Variety caught up with Ewan McGregor and Chris Messina, who plays Zsasz, and asked if their characters are gay in the flick. "It's.

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There’s also an absolutely scene chewing performance from Marcia Gay Harden as religious zealot.

about the feathery elephant in the room. The Birds, the Master of Suspense’s loose adaptation.

Jan 29, 2020.

For some time now, rumors have been circling the internet about the sexualities of Birds of Prey's villains, Black Mask and Victor Zsasz. At a red.


Jul 12, 2019.

DC Universe will see its first gay villain in Black Mask, portrayed by Ewan.

“ Birds of Prey” follows Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) after she splits from.

that the sexual tension between him and fellow villain Victor Zsasz will be.

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Feb 16, 2020.

While Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey is very much a movie centered around its.

In the film Roman Sionis/Black Mask (Ewan McGregor) and Victor Zsasz (Chris.

McGregor and Messina teased that their characters might be gay,

DC's Birds of Prey movie will be hitting theaters in just a few weeks, but we still know surprisingly little about the story. We know the players involved (Harley Quinn, Black Mask, Huntress, Black Canary, Zsasz, etc.), and know the general gist, but the character relationships and narrative structure have.

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DC Comics superhero movie Birds of Prey hits theaters, it will feature a pair of villains who may actually be gay. Ewan McGregor and Chris Messina, who play the villainous Roman Sionis a.k.a. Black Mask and Victor Zsasz in the movie, teased in an interview with Variety that their characters are.

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There’s also an absolutely scene chewing performance from Marcia Gay Harden as religious zealot Mrs Carmody.

Black Mask and Zsasz aren't gay in the comics, as far as I can recall (I'm also super repulsed by Zsasz being played by someone as FOINE as Messina I suppose we will all need to wait until Birds of Prey opens on February 7 to see whether Black Mask and Zsasz are a couple and what other changes.

Feb 13, 2020.

For a mostly progressive film, Birds of Prey's choice to queer code villains.

Ewan McGregor as Roman/Black Mask and Chris Messina as Victor Zsasz in Birds of.

As a result, many villains have been gay favorites, and many.

So Sheryl Gay Stolberg of the New York Times asked.

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At first blush it’s easy to dismiss Birds of Prey. But this feverish spectacle.

s prancing Black Mask and his right hand, Victor Zsasz (Chris Messina stealthily turning in one of the best.

Feb 17, 2020.

Some fans left 'Birds of Prey' wondering if Black Mask and Victor Zsasz are gay. Here's what the actors and the movie's director said.

Jan 27, 2020.

Ewan McGregor and Chris Messina are both very attractive men and they play the two villains taking on Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn and her.

Birds of Prey follows how the detective mishandles the split. Related: Birds of Prey: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jurnee Smollett-Bell & Rosie Perez Interview. Last but not least, the way Ewan McGregor's Roman Sionis and Chris Messina's Victor Zsasz behave toward one another implies some sort of.