Free Dad Hugs Gay Pride

Jun 17, 2019.

Scott "Howie" Dittman gave out more than 700 hugs at Pittsburgh Pride and says that as a parent he can't wrap his head around exiling a child.

Jun 17, 2019.

When Scott Dittman learned that his friend was going to the Pittsburgh Pride parade to give out embraces with the LGBTQ advocacy group Free.

Jun 13, 2019.

Scott Dittman — better known to his friends as Howie — says he doesn't wake up in the morning thinking of himself as an LGBT ally. But, last.

Jun 14, 2019.

Scott "Howie" Dittman posted about his emotional experience at the Pittsburgh Pride Parade in a Facebook post on June 9.

Jun 20, 2019.

LGBTQ children who are rejected by their parents are more likely to attempt suicide and use drugs. It's why "free dad hugs" at Pride mean so.

This Pittsburgh dad had a feeling that there may be some pride parade-goers who could not celebrate with their parents – and he Dittman took up the role of being a surrogate dad for strangers last week when he attended an LGBTQ pride parade in Pittsburgh wearing a tee-shirt that read "Free Dad Hugs".

'Free Dad Hugs! Gay Pride Amsterdam | United States of Europe.' [NSFW – Offensive Graffiti] [NB – I am hetero & cis-gender & hopelessly stuck in seeing.

So he ordered a shirt online — with the words "Free Dad Hugs" in large print — and headed from his home in Karns City, Pennsylvania, to Pittsburgh for the annual gay pride parade on June 9. Dittman says he thought he'd be in for a fun day, with people celebrating and partying but he also knew there.

Jun 16, 2019.

Scott "Howie" Dittman went viral for giving out "dad hugs" to the attendees of a Pride parade in Pittsburgh. #CNN #News.

Watch CBSN Live. Dad hugs strangers at Pittsburgh Pride parade and brings marchers to tears. By Tre'Vaughn Howard. Dittman learned about the event from a friend on Facebook, who is part of the organization Free Mom Hugs — which works with LGBT people and gives hugs at Pride events.


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"And I just said, 'well I'm going to go,' and I hopped on Amazon and grabbed a 'free dad hugs' T-shirt," he told BuzzFeed News. "I just thought it What he didn't expect was just how big an effect it had, not only on Pride attendees, but on himself. The first person to hug him was this young woman on the right.

Jun 13, 2019.

A father who wore a "Free Dad Hugs" T-shirt to the Pittsburgh's Pride Parade shared what it was like to embrace kids who had been rejected by.

'Free dad hugs' at Pride show the lasting effect parents' rejection can have on LGBTQ kids. Alia E. Dastagir. According to research from the Family Acceptance Project, lesbian, gay and bisexual young adults who reported higher levels of family rejection during adolescence were

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Howie Dittman, a Pennsylvania Dad offered "Free Dad Hugs" to a huge number of people at Pittsburgh's Pride event this June. Confronting that can lead to some uncomfortable feelings. Remember, Pride was initially a reaction to anti-gay police actions in San Francisco.

Jun 13, 2019.

Scott Dittman received over 700 hundred hugs from strangers that shared personal experiences they faced in life.

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Free Dad Hugs: Butler County Man Gives Out Hugs At Pittsburgh Unity Parade. Free Mom Hugs | George Takei Presents There's nothing quite like the love of a mother. And the unconditional love that this proud.