Gaay Bhoopali Lyrics

Dhrupad Raag Bhoopali. Alap jod jhala and a dhrupad in taal chautaal and sultaal. Pakhavaj by Aditya Sharma This is the video recording of the program.

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Rag bhupali (bhoopali). by David Courtney. Other transliterations are Bhoopali or Bhoopaali. In South Indian music, this is refered to as Mohanam.

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Gaay Bhupali by Mahesh Kale @ Infusion PuneLatpat Latpat – Amar Bhupali Lek Ladki – Kanya Daan Madhu Magsi – Bhav Geet Mamachya Gavala – Tu Sukhi Raha Padaravarti Jar Taricha – Malhari Martad

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Bhoopali, also known as Bhoop, Bhopali or Bhupali, (Hin: भूपाली / भोपाली) is a Hindustani classical raga. It is a pentatonic scale (uses 5 notes in ascending and descending scale).

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