Gay Gacha Life Characters


Apr 16, 2020.

Bottom,not always short— gacha life gay love story– glmm.

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In Gacha 2, We share articles related to Gacha Life 2 and other Gacha games. In this article, I will share the top 7 characters in Gacha Life 2 game. These characters are sort listed by our team. You can know complete information with an image of these characters below.

Gacha Life characters, movies, pictures, YouTube videos, cute animations, drawings, and various other publications have millions of views and are being made by children. Yes, by that we mean actual children, like elementary school age. It is not thus surprising that, given their unsupervised access to.

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I got gacha life on my phone. I think I finished my cast of characters, but I have no clue what to do with them now XD. Anyway, here's me. I've been making Gacha Life characters randomly cause I'm bored and haven't touched that game in ages.

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its my first time making intro and outro.

hope you guys like it!

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