Gay Ipanema Beach

Loose clans of hippies and hipsters also patronize this beach, and where the gay community favor's Posto 8—staked with happy rainbow flags—volleyball players .

The greater Ipanema Beach breaks up into smaller subsections where different crowds tend to stick Gay – but not only Unlike many cities, Rio de Janeiro is not only a place frequented by gays.

It is also a popular neighbourhood for the gay community. The area between posto 8 and posto 9 of Ipanema beach is known as Rio's gay beach, which is.

The gay spot at Ipanema Beach is a little to the East of Rua Farme de Amoedo (see map of gay highlights). This is the best place to make friends with locals in a relaxed atmosphere, away from the.

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Rua Farme de Amoedo, running perpendicular into the beach, in the middle of Ipanema, is as close to a gay street as you'll find in Rio. It's quite a charming.

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3 Blocks away from Ipanema beach and 2 blocks from Lagoa. You will be sharing the.

From clubs and bars to beaches and cafés, explore the coolest places on Rio de.

The Marvelous City frequently lands at the top of rankings of leading gay hot.

Farme de Amoedo in Ipanema is Rio's main LGBT street and has the greatest.

Next to one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in town, Leblon beach is a continuation of Ipanema, separated only by the Jardim de Alah canal. Popular with.


Rare footage of the ipanema gay beach with their inumerous hot muscle men from all over the world.

Ipanema is our first and gayest destination. The most famous gay beach spot in Rio is a bit to the east of cross-street Farme de Amoedo.

Gay Ipanema has a wonderful beach culture and is a great place to relax. For most of the year, many parts of the beach become bars or clubs. Sunday gathering.

The rich texture of gay Rio de Janeiro extends beyond the beach. After fun in the sun on the sands of Copacabana and Ipanema, gay tourists should visit Lapa.

Things to do near Ipanema Beach. Oh the beaches, the sunsets, the boys playing soccer, the music.

so many cute boutique stores and beautiful bars.

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Banda de Ipanema attracts droves of people coming in off the beach and ends with one of the biggest Rio Carnival street parties in front of Bofetada. Gay Rio.

The Ipanema gay beach is a very crowded and popular beach. Almost everyone is standing is there is not enough room! Make sure not to bring any valuable belongings.

Farme Gay Beach. You won't find lovelier stretches of sand anywhere. And the men on the sand — at Copacabana's Bolsa Beach and Ipanema's Farme de Amoedo (or "Farme Gay") — are.