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But they can get downright ugly when talk turns to "queers" on the CB radio – from mindless tittering, to discomforting rhetoric, to particularly violent reactions flavoured with homoerotic subtext. Thus, gay truckers have evolved a specialized way of communicating, "a language within a language," according to Anderson.

See below for CB radio 10-codes and CB radio terminology, trucker slang, cb lingo.

whatever you wanna call it! Essential knowledge for truckers, but even non-truckers should get a kick out of it. Also, if you're brand new to the CB world, get up to speed on CB basics here. CB Terminology Used By Truckers; CB Radio "10-Codes" CB Slang for.

The four people who answered this obviously aren't truckers because if they were , they'd know that “good buddy" is trucker speak for someone who is gay.

This is trucker slang used on “CB” radios that long-haul truckers often use to keep in.

A Suicide Jockey was a trucker with a very hazardous load, like explosives.

One of the big draws of CB radio was that it let drivers warn each other.

Eventually, the caller drops the gay act, and announces that he is in fact,

Core groups include: (1) truckers (straight, gay, bisexual, or straight-identified MSM);.

with truckers: (1) truckers' personal demographics; (2) truckers' CB radio .

The CB radio had a secret lingo that truckers used when they talked about sex, but being out on CB was always dangerous because conservative Christian activists could call a gay trucker's company and get him fired. There is a great gay resort in Oklahoma City called The Habana Inn that is popular with gay truckers and ranchers.

ATTENTION: CB radio users, News Radio 94.3 WSC + #TheKellyGoldenShow fans.

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convention of gay/bisexual truckers and truckchasers held.

An excerpt from a gay trucker is. revealing.

tions take place over the CB radio, often guiding truck.

By comparison today's methods of social networking over the internet is huge! but texting, chat-rooms and Facebook all lack the fun excitement of CB radio that we all experienced! So if your an old CB'er from way back, or new to CB radio, go to a garage sale and pick up a radio for $10.00 and get on the air!!

He heroically cumpletely kicks their asses on the CB and holds his own on his own against the homophobic mob and educates them FTW FFS! For me, this is a comedy because of the ignorance on both.


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Trucker slang, CB radio lingo, truck driver lingo, what do truck drivers.

San Francisco, California – Gay Bay; St. Louis, Missouri – Gateway.

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The allure of music-to-go, not just terrestrial radio but actual full-length albums that.

while doing his act over the CB radio as a genuine trucker.

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The reason truckers ignored my pleas for on-air camaraderie is simple. The FCC's Citizens Band has its own peculiar lingo. If you don't know.

CB slang is the distinctive anti-language, argot or cant which developed among users of Citizens Band radio (CB), especially truck drivers in the United States during the 1970s and early 1980s. The slang itself is not only cyclical, but also geographical. Through time, certain terms are added or dropped as attitudes toward it change.

Truckers also use CB radios to communicate with one another. It may be for emergency purposes, or it may just be friendly conversation. CB radio communication has waned since the introduction of smartphones, but many truckers still use them on a regular basis.

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If you were listening to a CB Radio conversation and you heard.

I will include brief examples of something you may hear a truck driver say on a CB Radio.

Gay Bay San Francisco CA; Indy 500 (Circle City) Indianapolis IN.

GAY TRUCKER 101 TIPS & TRICKSThe CB Basics . Truck drivers are often talking with other drivers. They may be traveling together, or just passing or being passed by other truckers. Truckers also talk to other truckers going the other direction, but only for a brief time because of their CB radio's limited signal range.

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