Gay Uchiha

•The Uchiha compound gets rebuilt and is now occupied by team taka, Suigetsu takes an •Tsunade also takes care of the Uchiha massacre along with Sasuke's aid and they create a memorial for it.

None of the summons are gay, and basing someone's gender preference on design is stupid. I don't know if Kishimoto officially decided to make any characters gay or lesbian, but Naruto is one of those.

shonen jump – Shonen Jump Demon Slayer.

Vol 3 By Kenji Taira Synopsis Elite ninja Uchiha Sasuke travels the land with his teammates searching for his brother Itachi.

Madara says that Itachi killed his lover during the massacre, and the only other named person other than family that he killed was Shisui Uchiha.So lo.

Following the death of Obito Uchiha, Guy filled in for Obito while Team Minato was on a mission into Iwa-territory. When they were surrounded, Guy tried giving his life to allow Kakashi to escape.

eres tan gay como el clan uchiha – typical NarutoClan member.

oh sasuke i luv anda yeah naruto got cha girl who anda got garaa 10859403.

O Casal Uchiha homosexual que sofria Preconceitos #1 - Naruto Storm RevolutionFeb 26, 2016.

About Uchiha Sasuke and homosexuality in NARUTO and Weekly Shounen JUMP (+ my opinion on ending pairings) ladydianamahbitch: “ Ok,

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Toshiro Hitsugaya – This time around they show off Madara Uchiha and Toshiro Hitsugaya from Naruto and Bleach, respectfully While the trailer itself may not be terribly long, you do get a bit of a preview of how both.


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missmouse1421. “You wanna make me happy? Show me something gay.”.

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Itachi and gay isn't a courageous man or woman stable success!!! I personally do not like Sasuke so I cannot really explain why so many people like Sasuke Uchiha.

I apologize.

Jan 26, 2007.

Have you ever wondered if the great Uchiha Sasuke was gay? The village of Konoha sure has! Now that he's back, news has spread that he is.

Gay Sasuke Uchiha. 121 likes. I HAVE BEEN FUCKING UP EVERYONE'S LIVES SINCE LIKE 1995 the real reason Itachi-sama-kun-hime killed everyone was because.

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This still gives me life tbh. . May 4, 2019. narutoshippuden anime drawing fanart kakashihatake obitouchiha digital art hatake kakashi uchiha.