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Michael Portillo deepened the Tory Party crisis last night by confirming there are ‘mutterings’ against Iain Duncan Smith – and urging him to fight back. The former Defence Secretary became the.

Howard set to name shadow cabinet – But the Conservative frontbench team he announces will be missing two of the party’s biggest names in Westminster, Michael Portillo and Kenneth Clarke, who yesterday both ruled themselves out of a.

Jun 8, 2015.

Michael Bloch's book on homosexuality in the house is fun – but little more than a naughty pleasure.

A Conservative government would match Labour’s spending plans for health and education, Shadow Chancellor Michael Portillo insisted today. The final flourish of Chancellor Gordon Brown’s Budget.

Sep 16, 1999.

OutRage! has accused the former Conservative MP and ex-Defence Secretary, Michael Portillo, of “hypocrisy and homophobia”. The gay rights.

Dec 14, 2012.

Several years before he became prime minister, John Major astonished dinner guests – including me – with a prediction: “Europe is a wolf.

Michael Portillo was born on May 26, 1953 in Bushey, Hertfordshire, England as Michael Denzil Xavier Portillo. He is a writer, known for Great American Railroad Journeys (2016), Railways of the Great War (2014) and Portillo: The Trouble with the Tories (2019).

Born in London, Michael Portillo is not listed here as a gay man, but because his revelation that he had had 'homosexual experiences' in his youth could have had important political consequences. His father, Luis Gabriel Portillo, was a left-wing Spaniard who was an intellectual, a courier on the.

Michael Portillo, Official Website, Principally established to provide access to speeches, TV footage and other contributions to public Debate.

The sexual values of William Hague and Michael Portillo are very different from those of Margaret Thatcher or Norman Tebbit. More mediated forms of homophobia.

Michael Portillo faces renewed pressure over his private life today when his former gay lover criticises him for implying that his "homosexual experiences" were confined to his student days at Cambridge.

He urged Conservative backbenchers to overthrow him and replace him with Kenneth Clarke as leader of the parliamentary party, with Michael Portillo as his deputy in a "dream ticket" pairing.

Michael Portillo’s Tory leadership hopes suffered a severe blow yesterday when fourth-placed David Davis quit the race and pledged his support to Right-winger Iain Duncan Smith. Less than 24 hours.

Did you hear Michael Portillo's delightful ding-dong with gay rights campaigner Ben Summerskill over the issue of gay marriage on Radio 4 this week? Appearing on the Moral Maze on Wednesday, the former defence secretary, 58, who is opposed to the measure, asked: 'Ben, can you confirm that one.

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Michael Portillo kept his position as the front runner for the Tory party leadership tonight but saw his rivals close the gap on him in the second ballot of Tory MPs. All 166 Tory MPs voted for.

MICHAEL Portillo is a former MP and Defence Secretary who is best known for presenting Railroad Journeys.

Aug 22, 2001.

I first heard the word 'normal' used with political consequence in 1987. But I did not realise its significance at the time. It was in Moscow, where.

These videos are not for entertainment, they are clearly "fair dealing" under UK copyright law and are exempt as they are reporting current affairs, as I am.

Last month Michael Portillo and his wife, Carolyn, flew on holiday to Peru. They climbed through the undergrowth on the mountain leading up to the secret ancient city of Machu Picchu. Why Portillo outed himself. It was an eventful week for the former minister as he re-entered the political game – but.

People like this are the reason I disowned myself from all of gay culture. He looks like he doesn't have to work a day in his life, and would cry bigotry if Guys like this are really giving gay men a pretty bad name. This is the stereotype that needs to be fought and challenged. Put the MAN back in gay man, I.

IDS must prove he is strong leader – Kenneth Clarke and Michael Portillo – Mr Duncan Smith’s two main rivals in last year’s leadership contest – reacted angrily to the suggestion that the rebels were now trying to "sabotage" his.

10 sept. 1999.

L'un des espoirs du parti conservateur britannique et possible Premier ministre a révélé hier «avoir eu des expériences homosexuelles» alors.

Michael Portillo repeatedly undermined William Hague at the height of the election battle, the Conservative leader’s former press secretary said today. Mr Portillo and Francis Maude, now his Tory.

There is no doubt that the Conservative Party and indeed William Hague personally, will welcome Portillo, a man of great talent and a huge political beast, and.