Khonjin X Gay Spaghetti

His response to Gay Spaghetti Chef admitting he didn't know anything about Shelby was to break up with him (Pent was disguised as Khonjin at the time.) and when Smack The Ghost: Pent (who was wearing blindfolds to trick Gay Spaghetti into thinking that he's Khonjin) asks him about how she is.

► Воспроизвести все. khonjin x gay spaghetti chef. I suck.

A quote Gay Spaghetti Chef was learning didn't apply to Khonjin, at all.

A lovely khonjin & gay spaghetti chef bond ☺️ + bonus meme/edit.

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Oh look I was finally motivated enough to draw. We have -Spagjin doodle -Pentjin doodle -Khonjin from an AU made by @yeshappycreeper -and some father son love because I live for a beautiful father son relationship.

Sep 21, 2018.

official-gay-spaghetti-chef. i cant queue like this do you realize how stressful.

starrycxla. this post gets 100 notes im making khonjin nsfw haha.


Gay Spaghetti Chef and Khonjin are about to go on a date, but Khonjin's choice of clothes causes a little commotion before they go.

That was my TEN THOUSAND SUBSCRIBERS!!! [Music blasts at maximum volume while Gino vanishes and Khonjin spins in midair]. Kid.

it's just Gay Spaghetti now.

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I ship Khonjin X Pepperoni Pizza. . . which means I see him as not interested in dating at all but you can ship whatever you want.

Super Homosexual Homoerotic Mega McSuper Schlongy Dongy Fudgeripple McDelight Dildo 1-2-3 In The Bum Yum Gay Spaghettitoni Cheffe shortened to Gay Spaghetti Chef, and sometimes Spag, is a gay spaghetti chef and the tritagonist of Khonjin House.

This subreddit is for Khonjin and Khonjin related media, and yes this includes pe-pe-pepperoni pizza. The biggest question we get at is, "do we allow porn on this subreddit?" The answer is yes we do, so you could draw Gay Spaghetti Chef's noodles all you want and post it here.