Lemon And Whitehouse V Gay News


Nov 15, 2017.

In June 1976, Gay News magazine published a poem that – as the.

Whitehouse v Lemon, the trial in question, exposed Britain's archaic and.

Lemon and R v. Gay News Ltd (the Court of Appeal) Whitehouse v. Lemon andWhitehouse v. Gay News Ltd (the House of Lords) and Gay News Ltd.

Gay News was launched in 1972 and the last issue came out in 1983. Gay News was the response to a nationwide demand by lesbians and gay men for It won the court case. In 1976 Mary Whitehouse brought a private prosecution of blasphemy (Whitehouse v. Lemon) against both the newspaper.

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Whitehouse v Lemon is a 1977 court case involving the blasphemy law in the United Kingdom. James Kirkup's poem The Love that Dares to Speak its Name was published in the 3 June 1976 issue of Gay News.

R v Lemon (or, Whitehouse v Lemon) [1979] 1 All ER 898, HL. D published in Gay News an illustrated poem describing various homosexual acts involving Jesus.

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Gay News was a fortnightly newspaper in the United Kingdom founded in June 1972 in a collaboration between former members of the Gay Liberation Front and members of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality (CHE). At the newspaper's height, circulation was 18,000 to 19,000 copies.

R v Lemon; R v Gay News Ltd [1979] 1 All ER 898. LORD SCARMAN: My Lords, I do not subscribe to the view that the common law offence of blasphemous libel.

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Campaigner Mary Whitehouse objected to a poem called 'The love that dare not.

The Gay News was launched by Denis Lemon and a team of five others in.

Few national television news anchors or hosts have publicly acknowledged being gay. Rachel Maddow is perhaps the best known. Mr. Lemon said he knew that coming out this way would stir up a degree of comment about other television news personalities, and whether any would acknowledge being gay.

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Ratio: The appellants challenged their conviction for blasphemous libel. They had published a poem which described homosexual acts carried.

Whitehouse v Lemon; Whitehouse v Gay News Ltd: HL 21 Feb 1979. March 18, 2019 admin Off Crime, Defamation, Ecclesiastical He interviews gay public figures, including David Sedaris, Tim Gunn, Don Lemon , and George Takei, who have had to listen to themselves for a.

Jan 10, 2008.

Mary Whitehouse, founder of the National Viewers and Listeners.

Mr Lemon fell ill with an AIDS-related illness and sold Gay News in 1982.

Members of the Gay Liberation Movement protesting outside the Old Bailey over Mary Whitehouse's court action against the Gay News Magazine, 4 July This explained the idea of heterosexism and its impact on LGBT people. A year later the GLC funded the opening of the London Gay and Lesbian.

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Gay News (UK) was a pioneering independent community newspaper (1972 – 1983) for homosexual men and women, Britain's first of.

Capital Gay in January 1982 reports on the sale of Gay News to its business manager Robert Palmer by its editor Denis Lemon who stepped down from the.

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Whitehouse v Lemon is a 1977 court case involving the blasphemy law in the United Kingdom.

Cited as Whitehouse v Lemon [1979] 2 WLR 281; or Whitehouse v Gay News Ltd [1979] AC 617, HL; Gay News Ltd. and Lemon v United.