May The Best Man Win Gay Furry

Ever dreamed about having furry beast men hanging around with you? The translations are good, but they aren't perfect, so some things don't make complete sense. Might try the sfw version to check out if there's any noticeable differences.

Follow the journey of the eponymous character, Nerus; a 7ft tall canine man with shapeshifting powers and his companion — and a rich story which will pull you in instantly. His friends reunite once more upon the news of a recent tragedy, for what may just be their last A light-hearted furry visual novel.

Eiri Yuki, a handsome blond man in his early 20's, said monotonously with his eyes closed as he took a long draw on his cigarette. Tatsuha lowered his eyes, thinking that Yuki didn't notice the real reason of being disappointed .But he underestimated Yuki too soon.

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hehe.Tatsuha would have used two whips? Lol that's priceless! I cant stop laughing 🙂 I like the story, it's a neat idea.But I really hope Yuki wins.

Oh, this is sweet! Can't wait to see how Tatsuha is going to try and win our little Shu. Still laughing at the thought. Ja!

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Man's best friend with benefits [31]. Amature [9]. Kemoshota 2 – Nin ga Icha Icha Suru dake no Hon [18]. May the best man win [5]. Oh Brother [12]. A Furry Christmas [6]. A Hard Lesson [16].

Share this Rating. Title: May the Best Man Win (2009). The story line summary isn't totally accurate: "Two best friends compete to be the best man at their childhood friend's wedding." While that's a major sub-plot, the meta-level story is about a too-big-for-his-britches videographer that fancies he's on the.

Gay. WFA. Anhes.

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