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Explore all Gay romance novels in Webnovel: Collateral (BL, 18+), The Prodigy Series, Am I the hero, the villain or what?!.

Forced to lock themselves away from love or romance, for two different reasons, Kai James and Russell Adams becomes two entangled souls, brought together by one child.

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The world of gay romance novels is, if not quite as vast as the world of m/f romance, still quite expansive. Are you looking for a royal-commoner romance? A fake marriage? Something dark and gritty, or something that's the literary equivalent of a basket of puppies?

Free Paranormal Romance Novels. Kindle Unlimited Review. Looking for the best and latest gay (mm) romance novels to read? You're in the right spot! Cam is a man with a lot of dark secrets – and an online stalker that is threatening to reveal his secret and ruin his life.

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Choose from thousands of free Gay and lesbian Short Stories from the best up-and-coming writers. Gianna met Ian online and they decided to meet up on their second anniversary. However, it seemed like an unlikely circumstances when Ally – Ian's best friend was the one who showed up to pick her up.

The debate surrounding these literary romantics ends here. The debate surrounding these literary romantics ends here. BuzzFeed Staff

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They beat her when she was down. At 57, Christina Ihlenfeldt is reeling with heartache, anger and regret — gut-wrenching.

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Add some heat to your reading list with the most popular romance novels of all time. This list of steamy bestsellers includes a little something for everyone. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we back. Why trust us? Light some candles and settle in for a

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Read Books Online in 'Gay' Genre. The Sea Witch Read online Katee Robert (Wicked Villains #5). Genre: Contemporary, Gay, GLBT, M-M Romance, Romance. A Guy Walks Into My Bar Read online Lauren Blakely. Trouble Read online Free Books by Devon McCormack.

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