U R Mr Gay Galaxy

Oct 9, 2019.


what happened when 12 random people took turns drawing and describing, starting with the prompt "U R MR GAY".

sUpeR MaRio GalAxY.

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U R MR GAY comes from a secret "Easter egg" on the Super Mario Galaxy box art. On the box art for Super Mario Galaxy, people noticed twinkles on some of the letters. These being U, R, M, R, G, A, and Y. This of course spells out U R MR GAY. People then converted the U to You and the R to Are.

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Throw in some spaces and you've got U R MR GAY. This is the kind of brilliantly unbelievable stuff that urban myths are made of and we are absolutely definitely using it in Above: On the left is the Super Mario Galaxy logo as it should look, and on the right with all but the star-marked letters scribbled out.

For Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "u r mr gay?". If you look at the front cover of the case and look at the title,you will see 7 stars.They spell out U R MR GAY.

. "There's a mystery in our hearts,we both sparkle like the stars and snow" Mentantei/Detective.

Jul 11, 2018.

"U R Mr. Gay" From Super Mario Galaxy because why not? If you spawn this and anyone playing sees this besides the person who spawned it.

U R MR GAY refers to a coincidental quirk in the lettering that appears in the title of Super Mario Galaxy. Certain letters in the title are adorned with sparkles. In order, these letters are U, R, M, R, G, A, and Y. Considering "U" and "R" to be abbreviations for "you" and "are" and splitting the letters into.

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Sep 23, 2007.

sUpeR MaRio GalAxY = UR MR GAY. Now, this isn't a one off, its apparent on ALL the recent official artwork issued by Nintendo, check the box.

Sep 4, 2017.

Ur mr gay. super mario galaxy Super Mario Galaxy. 28 points · 2 comments. UP; DOWN. Facebook; Pinterest. More. Next Post. Ur mr gay.

Remember when mano galaxy first came out and people realized that the letters in the logo that had sparkles on them spetled out “U R MR GAY“ and everyone.

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A NeoGaf poster discovered, in the cover art of Super Mario Galaxy, the most humorous coincidence of the year (or perhaps the devious work of a cover artist). In the box art for Super Mario Galaxy, stars highlighting certain letters in the title spell out: U R MR GAY. The stars, which are attached to specific.

Ur mr gay. a hidden message on the Super Mario Galaxy boxart. Some letters in the title have a sparkle . On the box art, there are small stars next to certain letters of the title, and the stars are over the letters "U", "R", "M", "R", "G", "A", and "Y", in that order, spelling U R MR GAY .

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Is It Possible to Beat Super Mario Galaxy Without Collecting Any Star Bits? Mario Galaxy's SECRET MESSAGES!

"U R Mr. Gay" From Super Mario Galaxy because why not? If you spawn this and anyone playing sees this besides the person who spawned it is now gay. U R Mr. Gay. Kuvaus Keskustelut0 Kommentit0 Muutokset.

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Remember when someone stared at the Super Mario Galaxy a little too long, deciphering the hidden message "U R MR GAY" cleverly encoded by Nintendo's The eagle-eyed logo research scientists at Eurogamer Spain have noticed that the logo from Super Mario Galaxy 2 does not proclaim that the.

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Look at that little twinkle under the letters, its under the u and r in super, mr, in mario, and gay in galaxy. U R MR GAY. Coincidence, I think not!!!

Nov 4, 2019.

"U R MR GAY" – Super Mario Galaxy. Nintendo. And now, for surely the most hilariously weird and childish Easter egg ever concealed on any.

If you put them togheter, you end up with UR MR GAY.

Oversight or deliberate attempt at subliminal messaging? Youuu the readers decide!