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Union J's J.J. Hamblett, George Shelley, Jaymi Hensley and Josh Cuthbert (Photo: Getty). It's not uncommon for a member of a boy band to come But a boy bander who's openly gay at the start of his career? That's a new one on us. Following in the footsteps of One Direction and The Wanted.

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Union J's Jaymi Reveals: 'I'm Gay'. X Factor contestant encouraged to come out by mentor Louis Walsh.

Jaymi explained that Louis told him to just "do it", and insisted: "I'm gay and I've never been happier!" I came out when I was 14 to my family and friends and never had one piece of negativity.

He'll always be our number one though @higeorgeshelley pic.twitter.com/ekqVSLeOzg. Union J France @UnionJWorldFR. Source Française sur le groupe @UnionJWorld. Contact: [email protected]

Chart-topping British boy band Union J tell Andrew Stelly about their views on the Irish public referendum vote to legalise gay marriage, during their visit.

• Union J star Jaymi Hensley has admitted that he thinks it is "hilarious" that One Direction fans want their idols to be having secret "gay affairs". The 23-year-old, who is openly homosexual, said he found it strange that nowadays girls dream about boyband members getting romantically involved with each.

The Union J singer sought advice from his mentor on the show, who has managed top bands Boyzone and Westlife, about making his decision. And speaking exclusively to The Sun last night, Jaymi said: "I spoke to Louis about this and he said, 'put it this way, both of my big boybands had a gay member in.

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Nov 19, 2012.

Jaymi Hensley of 'X Factor' boyband Union J has revealed he's gay and.

told the Sun on Sunday: "Every boyband has got to have a gay one!

Feb 4, 2016.

Union J singer George Shelley came out yesterday in a powerful YouTube.

cutie described reading speculation online that he might be gay.

No, this actually isn't One Direction going through a re-branding phase. This is Union J, Simon Cowell's newest project and the only other boy band to successfully come out of the UK's X Factor. Jaymi the "Gay One" is the 2nd oldest in his mid twenties and is engaged to be married to his boyfriend Ollie.

Aug 4, 2019.

Jaymi Hensley reveals how he really feels about Union J split as he reinvents his career.

George Shelley opens up about how pressure to come out as gay led to.

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Union J star Jaymi Hensley has come out as gay, and said that X Factor judge Louis Walsh helped give him the courage to reveal his sexuality to He said his bandmates have known about his sexuality since day one and they are completely behind him. 'They have always supported me with doing this.

At first, i had a sneeky suspicion that George Shelley was gay based upon his campy mannerisms. One could be tricked into assuming that other band members caught the other bus too. SaggerWorld.com :: Main Forums. Off Topic Discussions. Are Union J All Gay?

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Fandoms: One Direction (Band), 5 Seconds of Summer (Band), Union J (Band).

JJ isn't exactly experienced when it comes to gay relationships, but then again,

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Nov 19, 2012.

Jaymi Hensley of X-Factor finalists Union J, speaking with The Sun about his decision to come out, while noting the statistical inaccuracy of One.

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Aug 8, 2016.

It's been months since George Shelley left Union J, and he's opening up about what happened in a new interview.

I feel like I left one band and started another with Dave and Lilah." On the.

I would never come out as gay.

Oct 25, 2018.

(Images via Gay Times). British singer George Shelley is out and proud, and opening up to Gay Times as one of its November 2018 cover.