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Feb 8, 2015.

In his uncharacteristically committed and vocal objection to John's homosexuality , Homer edges closer to another archetypically satirical TV.

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Homer Simpson – URUGUAY, U R GAY – The Simpsons – Played Over 1,048,576 Times. 3 месяца назад. Simpsons Uruguay meme Simpsons Uruguay Uruguay You Are Gay meme uruguay uruguay meme you are gay meme Simpsons.

Uruguay is a South American country. Homer once mispronounced its name and mistook it for "U R Gay" when seeing it in a globe. There was a food stand at the pier called "Have it Uruguay." It was also one of the teams competing in the 2010 Winter Olympics. Episode – "Bart vs. Australia" (Mentioned).

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Homer Simpson URUGUAY, U R GAY. Агата Пойзон.

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May 23, 2019.

Bart and Lisa love the retro and campy objects on sale, Marge loves John's compliments, but Homer freaks out when he realizes (and it takes.

Apr 4, 2016.

Waylon Smithers Jr's sexuality treated openly after 27 years in the closet, as long- running series handles issue 'with surprising subtlety'

Apr 4, 2016.

After Mr. Burns rejected him, Smithers gets some help from Homer.

You may be surprised how many Simpsons gay characters have appeared throughout the 30 seasons so far, not to mention the video games and movie. We have listed the various LGBT characters in The Simpsons, from those openly gay, lesbian and bi, to those who may be in the closet.

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Homer Simpson URUGUAY, U R GAY. KOREAN MUSIC MV. Follow. Homer Simpson vind u-are-gay (Uruguay). Robert Skolzkov 90. 1:49. Lego Simpsons Shopping Movie. Homer Simpson in Kwik E Mart.